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Pure Divine Marriages, The Knowledge of Love and Healing Books, by Dr. Rajlakshmi Darbari and Dr. janis Darbari, Marriage University
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6, March, 2009
Newspaper article, Children of five to be given sex education to cut teenage pregancy

Can knowledge of divine love and healing prevent teenage pregnancies?

Or is it in this newspaper article? Dr. Rajlaksmi Darbari, of pure divine love and marriages, wants to help prevent teenage pregnancies through pure, divine love marriages. Dr. Darbari explains in her Knowledge of Love and Healing books, Marriage University, how to prevent teenage pregnancies by parents giving children advice on soul mates, ideal couples, and the benefits of marriage.
29, January, 2009
Newspaper Article; serious violent crime up, teenage delinquency has increased

Knowledge of love and healing works to reduce divorce

Dr. RajLakshmi Darbari believes ideal couples are soul mates who train to have a pure divine love marriage. We want to reduce divorce, says Dr. Darbari, and The Knowledge of Love and Healing books, Marriage University, explain how to have a pure divine love marriage and in this way help reduce divorce. Divorce can be reduced by parents giving their children advice on soul mates, ideal couples, and the benefits of marriage with the Knowledge of Love and Healing books.

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